What is the maximum length of Vietnam visa | Visa Information 2020

How long a foreigner can stay in Vietnam? This article returns to your concern of what is the maximum length of Vietnam visa.

The maximum length of Vietnam visa

  1. Tourist visa

* For United States of America passport: the maximum length of tourist visa for American is up to 1 year.

Also, there are many other choices for them such as: 6 month-visa (multiple entries), 3 month-visa (single and multiple entries) or 1 month-visa (single and multiple entries).

* For all passports: maximum is 3 months (available for both single and multiple entries). If you want to stay in Vietnam longer, you can apply for Business visa which is valid until 1 year.

  1. Business visa (working visa): it is good news that business visa is available for all passports. By this, you are able to get 1 year-business Vietnam visa and can stay in Vietnam for a whole year.

Interestingly, you have only 3 options for this kind of visa: 1 year, 3 month-type or 1 month while 6 month-type is not available.

  1. How I can apply for a Vietnam visa online? How it works?

Visa information 2020 – Common questions

. Coronavirus and Travel Advise for travelling to Asia:

High risk countries: China, Hong Kong, Japan

Safe countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.  Why these countries are safe now? That is because the confirmed case is not growing up until now. Also, currently Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia authorities have banned all flights from mainland China.

. Should I travel to Vietnam now?

At the time of writing this article, there are 14 confirmed cases and this number is not increased. Besides, there are 2 Chinese are heal of Coronavirus and came back to China.

Outstandingly, on 1st Feb 2020 Vietnam Government had announced that all passengers who had visited in China 14 days previously will be refused to enter Vietnam.

Especially, it is advisable to visit from the Middle of Vietnam to the South during this period because of the warm weather. Furthermore, “the Coronavirus can’t survive in a high temperature” –

. My passport is no blank page now. Can I get a separate visa stamp (loose leaf visa)
Just found that you have no blank page and you are nervous whether you can get Vietnam visa?- Don’t worry about it. You are able to get Vietnam visa stamp with a separate page (loose leaf visa) at both visa landing counter (visa on arrival) or at Vietnam Embassies.

. How long does it take to get Vietnam visa at the visa landing counter?

The time to get Vietnam visa stamp at airports actually does not take so much time of you (around 5 minutes). However, it is depends on people who queue in the line to get visa at that time. If you are tired after a long flight and do not want to queue, airport fast track service is recommended.

. Is religion related to Vietnam visa?  
That is just a rumor if there is information of being a specific religion affected to your Vietnam result. According to the Vietnam Immigration law, Vietnam visa result is not affected by any religious.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to such rumor, you can apply online and get Vietnam visa here.