Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Hong Kong Visitors

All Hong Kong passport holders are required to apply for visa to enter Vietnam. Fortunately, Vietnam Visa On Arrival has become the easiest and most used way to get Vietnam Visa nowadays.

1. General Information About Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

  • Definition: Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) means that you get Visa Approval Letter via email first, then get Visa Stamp at Vietnam Airport.
  • Legitimacy Issue: Similar to Vietnamese visa obtained from the Embassy of Vietnam, VOA is also approved and granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department. So, VOA is completely legitimate. 
  • Processing Time: Normally, the processing time takes 1 working day only. Furthermore, you can get Vietnam Visa within 30 minutes in Emergency process.

2. How much is it?

The Vietnam Visa Online includes 2 types of fee which are visa fee and stamping fee.

Visa fee is the fee you pay to get the Visa Approval Letter and stamping fee is for the Visa Stamp at the Vietnam airport upon arrival. Please pay attention that the stamping fee must be paid in cash. To check the specific fees, please click here.

3. How to apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

With only 3 simple steps, Hong Kong citizen can get Vietnam Visa Online easily at the official website:

  • Filling the application form and settle the payment. Remember to fill the details exactly with your passport information.
  • Receive the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter: please check your email carefully including the Junk Mail for the Visa letter and print it out.
  • Get Visa Stamp at Vietnam airport: Using the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter to get Visa stamp at the Visa landing counter when you arrive Vietnam.

**Note: Before applying for Vietnam visa, make sure your passport has minimum 6 month validity.