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Apply Vietnam visa for US citizens at a high-rated online visa website helps you quickly obtain the correct and verified visa without hassle.

Do US citizens need visa to enter Vietnam?

Tourist & Business Vietnam visa for US citizens

All of visitors from countries which are not under the Visa Exemption Agreement must apply for a Tourist (DL) or Business (DN) visa at the points of entry. For this reason, US citizens need to apply visa before arriving to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa for US citizens procedure guide

There are 2 official ways to get Vietnam visa: 

At Embassy (physical visa): this way is actually not recommended for those who do not live in near to Vietnam Embassy. Not only that, you might be denied because of lacking documents.

Apply Vietnam visa online (Vietnam visa on arrival): valid since 2012 and highly recommended by millions world-wide. Furthermore, is a company which is master in the visa field. In particular, we use our knowledge in Immigration laws to handle of the rest of the work for you.

First of all, you just need to register to the application form at:

Second, you will receive your pre-visa (approval letter) within 1-2 business days via email.

Finally, get visa stamp by the approval letter at Vietnam international airports. Recently, visa on arrival is valid at Da Nang, Hanoi (Noi Bai) and Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat) airports.

How much will I spend on Vietnam visa on arrival?

The cost for Vietnam visa processing fee is 19 USD (1month single type). Furthermore, we process visa for US citizens from 1 month up to 1 year in both Tourist and Business type. You can access here to find out more prices of visa range.

Additionally, if you require rush delivery service (within 4 hours) it will cost additional fee.

Vietnam visa extension – US passport

Both Tourist and Business visas can be extended inside of Vietnam and at Immigration Office. However, according to the Vietnamese Immigration rules, if you are individual representative (not legal representative) you have to extend visa via a travel company or visa company.

Tourist visa can be extended for: one or three months (single entry)

Business visa can get extension for:

One month (Single entry and multiple entries)
Three months (Single and multiple entries)
Six months (multiple entries)
One year (multiple entries)
Moreover, overstayers will still be able to extend visa with us. Any information in details, please do not hesitate to contact directly to us.