Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens 2019| All about Vietnam visa

Non-Vietnamese citizens and who are spouse of a citizen of Vietnam must obtain Vietnam visa. Here is all information of Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens.

Requirements to get Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens 2019

If you live far away from Bucharest (Bucharest) where the Vietnam Embassy has been located, it is better to choose apply visa online. Indeed, Vietnam visa on arrival system had first appeared in 2012 and of course it is 100% legal.

Therefore, let visa on arrival system does all hard works for you, it does mean that you do not have to bring anything to the table. There is a list of requirements what you need to receive pre-Vietnam visa (approval letter)

  • A passport which is valid for more than 6 months from the entry date of Vietnam. However, you do not need to send it to us, this is followed by the custom of Vietnam to pass through Immigration counter.
  • A-valid email, will send the approval letter (pre-Vietnam visa) for you via email. Therefore, please be careful at this step- when fill-in your email address on our website.
  • Means of payment, since you need to settle payment after finishing the application form, you need to have a credit card or debit card. Also, if you have Paypal account, it is pretty good as well.

All about Vietnam visa for Romanian citizens 2019


Almost travelers said that there is no simple thing as finishing the visa on arrival form. If you have a valid passport, email as well as credit card/debit card then let’s move on to the Vietnam visa application form.

Next, just wait and receive our confirmation email and you can get the approval letter within 24 working hours.

Final, print out the approval letter we sent to you, bring it along with you to get the boarding pass at the departure airport. What is going on? You then get Vietnam visa stamp at the visa landing counter at Vietnam airports by submitting the approval letter there.

Processing time and fee

The visa fee not only depends on the frame time of procedure but also the type of visa. Therefore, please access here and choose your nationality as Romania for information in details.

Benefits of holding a Romanian passport

As a member of European Union, Romanian passport is efficient same as European passport. This also works with Vietnam visa, Romanian citizens are not only able to choose Vietnam visa on arrival for entering Vietnam via airports but also get Vietnam e-visa online to enter via landing, sea ports.

Similarly, Vietnam visa on arrival procedure, the first step of Vietnam e-visa is also finishing the Vietnam e-visa application form then get Visa sticker upon arrival.

However, there is no visa stamping fee upon arrival if enter by e-visa.