Vietnam visa for Hong Kong SAR passport holders |

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Passport holders can apply Vietnam visa online? What is the process of Vietnam visa for Hong Kong SAR?

Why Hong Kong SAR passport holders need Vietnam visa?

Let’s check the Law on entry and exit in Vietnam – Law No. 47/2014/QH13 dated June 16, 201. By this, there is no Agreement between 2 countries: Vietnam and Hong Kong about Free-entry visa. Therefore, All Hong Kong citizens must obtain Vietnam visa or Vietnam visa approval letter so as to enter legally.

Meanwhile, if Hong Kong passengers visit to Phu Quoc Islands for less than 15 days, they do not need visa.

Can you apply for a Vietnam visa at the airport?

Vietnam Government had approved for e-visa system since 2012 and you can do Vietnam visa for Hong Kong SAR passport online.

Importantly, you need to finish the application online and get the approval letter before landing at Vietnam airports. After that, you are able to get the Vietnam visa stamp at the visa landing counter at Vietnam airports. There are many passengers thought that they just do visa after landing at Vietnam airport and this is a big problem.

What is else? Hong Kong SAR passengers now can apply Vietnam e-visa online even they enter Vietnam by vessel or by bus throughout seaports or landing borders. However, the normal process of e-visa takes at least 2 working days.

Last but not least, all process is simple by accessing here to finish the online application:

How far in advance should I apply for a Vietnam visa? (Vietnam visa online)

This question sounds simple but many passengers do not know how far they should apply Vietnam visa for Hong Kong SAR passport. Because the visa approval letter is valid for 1 year so you can apply Vietnam visa before a few days before arriving or even several months up to 1 year.

Specially, we offer a 24hour-system visa online in which you can apply at any time and even 30 minutes before boarding. Also, our staff is always available at Vietnam airport for 24 hours per day a week even weekends to help passengers to get Vietnam visa stamp.