Vietnam visa for Canadian | How to get one, How it works

Why millions of travelers nowadays choose visa on arrival? Apply Vietnam visa for Canadian takes you 5 minutes and receive result within 24 hours!

Why get a Vietnam visa for Canadian online?

Easy and efficient method: Vietnam Government has approved for this method since 2012 (Law no.47/2014/QH13).  All procedure of Visa on arrival procedure is entire online, helps you to get visa 99% successful compared to applying at Embassy. In order to explain for this reason why, it is because we are a company who work as a third party-legal representative. By this, we will submit your information to the Immigration department and of course legal representative works well compared to personal representative.

How about our customer’s feed backs about this service? “Other details can be changed online if needed and I do not need to queue in a long line at Embassy anymore, appreciated” Bunyord Nazarov said.

How to apply for Vietnam visa?

Canadian citizens are able to apply online to get Vietnam visa for Canadian by following steps:

First of all, let’s complete the online application form at:

Secondly, finish payment and you will receive the result within 24 hours.

Finally, print out the result and get visa at arrival airport (at the visa landing counter).

Canadian citizens are able to get Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam visa for Canadian now is not limitation about arrival ports. They are not only able to choose Visa on arrival but also can get electronic visa.

Since Feb 2017, Canada becomes 1 out of 44 countries in which citizens have rights to access Vietnam electronic visa (Resolution no124/NQ-CP).

How to use your Visa on arrival and How to use Vietnam e-visa?

Visa on arrival:

Present your original passport, 2 passport photos and approval letter to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports. Your visa will be valid for 30 days (1 month type) and 90 days (3 month-visa type). The most important point is that, it will be valid from the date which is stated on the approval letter.

For example: Your arrival date on your approval letter is 05th May 2018. By this, it will be valid from 05th May 2018 to 05th Jun 2018. However, if you enter on 10th May 2018, it is fact that you have 25 days remaining.

With visa on arrival, you can easily to change your arrival airport. For example you applied to arrive at Ho Chi Minh airport. But you decide to pick visa up at Hanoi finally because of changing plan. Then your approval letter is still valid in use.

Vietnam electronic visa (Vietnam e-visa):

Compared to Visa on arrival, Vietnam e-visa is less flexible in case of changing arrival port. Conversely, it is fixed. For example you apply as Hanoi airport as your arrival port. Then, you have right to immigrate Vietnam throughout Hanoi port in this case.

In contrasts, Vietnam e-visa offers you varieties of arrival port: 13 landing ports, 8 international airports and 7 sea-ports.