Vietnam visa for Belgium visitors | 2018

How to apply Vietnam visa for Belgium visitors? We support you to get Vietnam visa until you get visa sticker at Vietnam airports.

What is the cost to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam VOA)?

The total cost is containing the processing fee and the stamping fee. Regards to the stamping fee, we have listed it out at the final point of view in this article.

In details, if you intend to apply for 1 month single entry visa, it costs 19 USD. If you need to stay in Vietnam for 3 months, the fee is 29 USD. You can learn more about visa fee of all visa categories here.

Steps to apply Vietnam visa for Belgium visitors | How long does VOA takes?

“Prior to going to Vietnam, I did a ton of research and I could not choose the belief one. Therefore, I asked some friends of mine who has experience to visit Vietnam. They recommend me” – Jacquie O’Hara (American traveler).

Why I choose Because it takes me 24 hours then I can receive my result – Vietnam visa for Belgium visitors via email. Also, short procedure is very important cause it makes me be confidence to buy flight ticket. Below is my sharing for an official procedure of Vietnam visa on arrival:

First step: create an account is not compulsory. You just need to fill passport information into the application form at:

Next step: finish procedure by settling payment by credit card or via Paypal channel.

Final: receive result via email and print out. After that, bring document we provide you together with your passport to present at Vietnam landing counter.

Especially, if you are businessman and want to get Vietnam visa online, the procedure is same as above.

Requirements for Vietnam visa

If you choose Vietnam VOA, return ticket is not necessary upon arrival. However, you need to bring your original passport. In fact, in other countries, Government accept travel document while Vietnam only accept your original passport.

What is else? Your passport validity must be valid for more than 6 months since you arrive in Vietnam. Also, prepare cash to pay for the stamping fee at Vietnam airports. It is 25 USD for single entry (1 and 3 month-visa type) and 50 USD for multiple entries.

Besides passport and Vietnam visa for Belgium visitors, there is no document that you have to show at the airports.