Vietnam visa exemption 2020 – Visa Guidance

Vietnam is one of the most friendly-country with a long list of countries in which their citizens can go to Vietnam without visa.

Information of Vietnam visa exemption 2020

What is Vietnam visa exemption?

Vietnam visa exemption means Vietnam Government allows citizens from specific nations go to Vietnam in a specific period of time without visa. Also, they do not have to pay any fee (stamping fee or fee at Vietnam borders).

Also, if you are exempted from Vietnam visa you are able to enter Vietnam without visa in both entry and exit from Vietnam. Exemption period is counted from the entry date.

Vietnam visa exemption policy 2020 in details (applied for Ordinary passport)

Until now Vietnam has signed the visa-free Agreement with 77 countries in total. However, only 74 out of 77 countries     have achieved agreement on Visa-free. Besides, the agreement with Costa Rica, Bolivia and Estonia is still not valid yet.

Vietnam Government has provided visa-free policy for citizens come from 22 countries and territories. In specific, unilateral free-visa Agreement includes 13 nations: Japan, Korea, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spanish, Italy.

Also,           Vietnam also got the Bilateral Agreement with 9 ASEAN nations: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

Vietnam visa exemption’s conditions

Brunei passport holders: stay less than 14 days.
Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore and Indonesia citizens: Vietnam visa is not required if staying for less than 30 days.
Philippines citizens: are able to stay in Vietnam for less than 21 days without visa.
Finland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan and Korean: no need visa if stay for less than 15 days.
Chile: no need visa if stay for less than 90 days.
Kyrgyzstan: no need visa if stay for less than 30 days.

Official Vietnam visa guidance for all passport holders

The easiest way to get Vietnam visa in hand is: apply throughout Vietnamese agencies. By this way, you do not have to submit any documents because these agencies will guarantee for your visit.

On your visa requirement, the reply will be return via email under PDF file (approval letter). All you need to do finally is: submitting original passport, 2 passport photos (3x4cm) and the printed approval letter at visa landing counter at border gates.

The necessary information for a Vietnam online application form includes:

Full name (First-name/Middle-name/Last-name)
Number of passport
Arrival date
Exit date (not required, as long as you leave out of Vietnam before Visa’s expiry).