One Year Tourist Visa On Arrival For US Citizen

Unlike other nationalities, US citizen is able to apply for 1 year Tourist Visa. This policy has implemented since 2016, after the trip of Barack Obama president to Vietnam in order to generate new opportunities for trade, investment and tourism between 2 countries. This writing will help you to understand more about 1 Year Vietnam Visa On Arrival for US citizens.

1. What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

Vietnam Visa On Arrival is a process of obtaining the pre-approved visa letter (visa approval letter) through a travel agency in Vietnam to check in at the departure airport and pick up the actual visa stamp at an international airport in Vietnam upon arrival.

2. Vietnam Visa Requirements for US citizen

Over 12 years of implementation, Vietnam Visa On Arrival becomes the best choice for travelers on over the world. As a American, you only need to prepare 2 following requirements:

– The original passport which must have longer validity than the visa by at least six month with 2 blank pages at least.

– 2 photos were taken within 6 month (white background, 4x6cm or 2×2 inch)

3. Vietnam Visa Types for US citizen

US passport holders are able to apply for both of Tourist (DL) and Business (DN) visa which have short and long term as: 1 month single and multiple entry, 3 months single and multiple entry, 6 months multiple entry and 1 year multiple entry.

Currently, only US citizen can get 1 year Tourist Visa by applying online.

4. Vietnam Visa Fee for US Citizen

Bellow is the quotation for Vietnam Visa:

Visa Type

1 Month Single 1 Month Multiple 3 Months Single 3 Months Multiple 6 Months Multiple 1 Year Multiple
Tourist Visa 19USD 24USD 29USD 35USD 45USD 55USD
Business Visa 90USD 95USD 115USD 130USD 250USD 350USD

The fee above is exclude the stamping fee in cash at the airport upon arrival:

  • 1 month and 3 months single entry: 25USD/person
  • 1 month and 3 months multiple entry: 50USD/person
  • 6 months multiple entry: 95USD/person
  • 1 year multiple entry: 135USD/person

5. How to apply?

With 3 simple steps, US citizen can get 1 Year Tourist Visa easily:

  • First, filling the application form here and settle the payment for Visa fee.
  • After receiving your information, we will process your Visa within 3 working days and send you the Visa Approval Letter via email.
  • Finally, you print the letter out and use it to get Visa stamp upon arrival.

Note: With 1 year Tourist Visa you need to leave Vietnam each 3 month.