I want a visa for long term stay in Vietnam. Is it possible to get a long-term Vietnam visa at the first time?

All first-travelers can get long term Vietnam visa?

  1. In some circumstances that you need a long term Vietnam visa
    You look for a vacancy at a multinational corporation or a Vietnamese company in Vietnam.
    You want to travel in Vietnam for more than 1 month or more.
    You did not buy a return-ticket yet.
    Your spouse or relative is Vietnamese and you want to get a long term visa because you did not get Vietnam resident card yet.
    You have a plan to live and work in Vietnam but did not get any sponsor.
    Go to Vietnam for treatment.
    You want to get marriage with Vietnamese.
  1. Types of long term Vietnam visa
    Validity: from 3 months up to 1 year for tourist purpose.

    Documents: no required.
    Applied: for all passport passengers (3 months). However 6 months and 1 year tourist Vietnam visa is available for American only.
    Visa Fee: 28 USD for 3 month-single entry, 34 USD for 3 month-multiple entries and 74 USD for 6 month-multiple entries. Also, 1 year-multiple entry-visa costs 94 USD.
    Validity: up to 1 year.

    Documents: no required.
    3 month business visa: all passport passengers can apply.
    1 year business visa: only American can apply.
    Visa fee: 349 USD
    Visa exemption Certificate for Vietnam
    Validity: up to 5 years.

    Who can get 5 year-exemption certificate for Vietnam: your mother or father is Vietnamese and you were born in Vietnam, your spouse or your child is Vietnamese.
    Documents: passport, document proves that you were born in Vietnam or spouse’s Vietnamese passport, child’s Vietnamese passport.
  2. Other way to stay longer in Vietnam
    The other way to stay longer in Vietnam is extend your visa. The procedure normally takes 7 working days. Please contact us via email for further support.

How to apply for a long-term Vietnam visa online?

  1. Information requirements:
    Full name (First name/Middle name/Last name)
    Date of birth
    Passport number
    Arrival date
    Arrival airport
  2. Finish online application at:
  3. Settle payment by debit card, credit card or via Paypal.
  4. Download result under PDF file via personal email.
  5. Print out the approval letter, prepare: original passport, printed approval letter and 2 passport photos (4×6 cm).
  6. After landing, you need to go to the visa landing counter inside airport and pick your visa stamp. The procedure is simple and do not take you so much time.