How to get Rush Vietnam visa 2019 |

Are you desperate at departure airport because you don’t have visa to fly out? Get Rush Vietnam visa with less than 20 minutes.

When you need Rush Vietnam visa service?

According to Vietnam Immigration law, all passengers will get deported out of Vietnam within 2 hours if they do not obtain Vietnam visa.

Also, without Vietnam visa, you even are unable to get on board at departure airports. It means you get lost flight tickets and hotel fees…

There are three common situations that our customers need Rush Vietnam visa:
1. Passengers just found at the check-in counter that they need Vietnam visa.

  1. You need Vietnam visa in 1 day for urgent: business trip, visit relatives, friends.
  2. Change flight schedule or just found at the airport that your information on the approval letter does not match with information on your passport.

How much for extra cost?

In order to get Rush Vietnam visa, you need to pay for extra fee besides the normal processing fee (19 USD).


Processing time

Extra fee
4 working hours 19 USD
Less than 30 minutes

49 USD

Weekends: Passengers who apply on weekends and need to enter Vietnam urgently on weekends need to pay 190 USD as extra fee. However, this fee is including stamping fee and the fast track airport at Vietnam airports.

How to apply to get Rush Vietnam visa 2019?

First of all: you need to provide us information by finishing the Visa application form.

Next, receive your Visa result via email after 4 working hours. In case customers need the approval letter in 30 minutes, you need to provide us exactly your flight number.

Final step: getting Vietnam visa stamp at Vietnam airports by the approval letter we sent to you. Besides the approval letter, 2 photos passports and 25 USD in cash for stamping fee are necessary.