How to apply Vietnam visa in South Africa 2019 |

“Can anyone let me know how to apply Vietnam visa from South Africa?” After getting the approval letter do I have to go to Embassy?

Do South African passport holders need Vietnam?

Yes, all passengers obtain South African passports have to show the eligible documents to enter Vietnam. So what are eligible documents?

These include: your original passport and a copy of approval letter which is issued by Vietnam Immigration department. In order to get the approval letter you can apply Vietnam visa online via a visa agency.

However, there is another way is going to the Embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam in your country to apply directly. This method is suitable with those who stay near the location of Vietnam Embassy only because it takes so much time.

How to apply Vietnam visa in South Africa 2019 and common questions

Let’s see how to apply Vietnam visa in South Africa?

Vietnam visa online has been known by travelers world-wide since Feb 2012. By this, you do not need to go to Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam to apply in person anymore. Instead, you just need to finish the application online and receive the result after 1 working day via email. There are only 2 steps:

First, finish the Vietnam online application here. Next, you settle your payment online via Paypal account or directly by debit/ credit card. The handle fee is only 19 USD.

Second, collect the approval letter in PDF file via your email. Prepare your passport, 2 passport photos (3x4cm) and a copy of approval letter to get visa stamp at Vietnam visa landing counter.


By applying Vietnam visa online, you do not need to go to Embassy anymore. Once you receive the approval letter means you are eligible to enter Vietnam.

Also, since e-visa is applied through the Internet, the Immigration department can not immediately stick stamp on your passport. For that reason, you need to bring the approval letter to get the Vietnam visa stamp and stick to your passport at Vietnam airports.

Common questions related to Vietnam visa for South African

Do I need to have blank passport pages? Yes, you need at least 2 pages.

What should I do if I get new passport after applying Vietnam visa? In this case you need to re-apply or directly contact us via email for helpful advice.