How do I get a work visa for Vietnam | Working permit

This article returns to your concern “How do I get a work visa for Vietnam”. Besides, you also need to get further of the maximum length of work visa.

Get a work visa for Vietnam

  1. How many kinds of work visa
    There are 15 types of work visa listed in the Immigration Law No.47/2014/QH13. Vietnam working visa is categorized as 4 main groups:
    + Work for Vietnam Government, members of diplomatic missions, intergovernmental organizations: NG1,NG2,NG3,NG4, LV1,LV2.
    + Work as representative offices of international organizations, foreign non-governmental organizations, foreign traders: NN1,NN2, NN3.
    + Go to Vietnam as Journalist, attend conventions, conferences: PV1, PV2, HN
    + Come to work, investors, foreign lawyers, work for companies in Vietnam: DN, DT, LD.
  2. The common work visa
    DN (issued for whom who come to work in Vietnam, DT (foreign investors and foreign lawyers who come to practice in Vietnam) and LD (who come to work) are principally required from applicants.
  3. How do I get a work visa for Vietnam online

The benefit of getting a work visa for Vietnam online is no document requirement. The whole process is taking 3 working days (normal process) and 4 working hours (urgent process).

+ You need to finish information at the Vietnam visa online application for working.
+ Received the result approved by the Immigration department via email
+ Print out the approval letter to get Vietnam visa stamp at the airports. Besides, 2 passport photos (4x6cm), original passport and stamping fee in cash are also necessary.

  1. The maximum length of work visa
    Regard to the length of validity, there are 3 kinds of working visa: 1 month-visa (single and multiple entries), 3 month-visa (single and multiple entries) and 1 year-visa (multiple entries).

Further, if your work visa is expired, you can extend visa at any agencies. The extension procedure normally takes 7 working days.

Do you need working permit?

No, you do not need working permit when you work in Vietnam, if:
+ Work in Vietnam for less than 3 months per time.
+ Owner of 1 member limited company in Vietnam.
+ You are a member of a limited company which consists from 2 members.
+ Member of Board Of Directors (BOD) at a Joint stock company.
+ Foreign Lawyer with a law practice license issued by the Ministry of Justice.
+ Sale for foreign company in Vietnam.