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We are here to help you to complete your Vietnam visa application. “How do I apply for a visa to Vietnam?” don’t worry about it, we will explain all here.

I wonder who need visa to enter Vietnam legitimately

First, you need to check whether you are belonging to the exemption visa list or not?
   ***Exemption visa list (updated 2019)

  1. Brunei, Myanmar citizens are able to visit Vietnam without visa less than 14days.
  2. Philippines passport holders do not need visa if staying for less than 21 days.
  3. Citizens of following countries do not need to submit Vietnam visa if stay for less than 30 days: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan
  4. Chilean can enter Vietnam without visa for less than 90 days.
  5. 01/07/2015 – 30/06/2020: Vietnam offer free-visa-entrance for citizens from Japan, Korea, Spain, Belarus, UK, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Finland. By this policy, passengers from these countries can stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days without applying visa.
  6. Passengers who hold APEC (ABTC) card do not need Vietnam visa and can stay up to 90 days.
  7. All passengers world-wide can visit Phu Quoc Island without visa and stay there less than 15 days. In case, you want to stay more than 15 days you can contact with the Immigration office there directly to offer visa.

Second, if you are not belonging to the exemption visa list, please go ahead to apply Vietnam visa.

How do I apply for a visa to Vietnam?

  1. Make sure that you fill all personal information (date of birth, passport number, full name) on the application form.
  2. Select arrival date: the date you have a plan to enter Vietnam. You can enter later compared to the arrival date was written on the application.
  3. Settle payment and receive the result within 1 working day. After that, check information on the approval letter again, make sure all information is matched with your passport.
  4. Print out the approval letter and prepare: approval letter, original passport and 2 passport photos to get visa stamp at Vietnam airports.

How do I know your website is official website to get Vietnam visa

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