Get Vietnam Visa Online Easily at Changi Airport – Singapore

Are you standing at Changi Airport for the flight to Vietnam and you realize that you have not applied for Vietnam Visa yet? Then, you must be a super lucky man by finding this post. All information about getting Vietnam Visa Online in Emergency case will be presented clearly bellow.

1. What is Vietnam Visa Online?

Vietnam Visa Online is also called Vietnam Visa On Arrival which has been implemented by The Vietnam Visa Immigration Department. It also means “The Vietnam visa picked up upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam”. Once issued, this visa is exactly the same as a visa issued by any Vietnamese embassy/consulate, with the same limitations and conditions attached to its use.

This Visa type is valid at Vietnam International airports: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Cam Ranh and Phu Quoc.

2. What are required documents?

Vietnam Visa Online becomes the most trusted and used by travelers around the world for get Vietnam Visa due to its convenience, no need send your passport to anywhere, no document needed, and it is so fast, easy, reliable,…. All you need to apply for Vietnam Visa Online are:

  • Passport (6 months valid and 2 blank pages at least)
  • 2 photos passport size 

3. How it works and how to apply?

Vietnam Visa Online in Emergency case is a perfect way for whom needs Vietnam Visa within 15 minutes to 4 hours. With 3 simply steps, you’ll be able to enter Vietnam as your plan:   

  • Firstly, you fill the application form online here
  • Next, we’ll send you the letter for boarding your plane within 15 minutes via your email. 
  • Finally, our staff will wait for you at the Vietnam airport with your name on the welcome board and support you to get Visa stamp.

If you have any question, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (+84)