Airport Fast Track Service

The Airport Fast Track service is established to assist visitors at the airport with the highest satisfy to avoid wasting valuable time to get Visa Stamp, especially after a long tired flight.

1. How Airport Fast Track service works

Our service is available at Hochiminh, Hanoi, Danang and Camranh airports. Due to it’s convenience, we recommend our value customers to use Fast Track service.

Over 10 years our Airport Assistance has assisted thousands of traveler pass smoothly through busy airports. Currently, we offer 2 types of Fast Track service as below:

  • Fast Track service: Upon arrival, our Fast Track’s English speaking greeters will wait for you at the Visa Landing Counter which is situated on the left as you enter the immigration hall. Then, our well-trained staff will wait for you with your name on the welcome board. Finally, they assist you to pass the Passport and Visa control quickly within 10 – 15 minutes.
  • VIP Fast Track service: Similar to the normal Fast Track service above, once you land in Vietnam airport, our staff is waiting for you at the Visa Landing Counter with your name on the welcome. Next, he/she will support you to get Visa stamp within 10 minutes. Then, he/she will escort you to the baggage and customs area to assist you take care your luggage  as a baggage porters.
  • Full Package Service: This service includes Airport Fast Track service and Stamping Fee. It means that upon arrival, you do not need to pay for any fee else. Our staff will support you to get Visa stamp and paying the stamping fee for The Customs Officer.

*Note: With Fast Track service, the refund policy is only available within 24 hours confirmation. So, it means that you need to inform us 24 hours before your arrival time to cancel the service.

2. The Airport Fast Track service fee

The service fees we mention below is the quotation for individual or group under 10 people. If your group is greater than 10, please contact us at [email protected] to get the promotion.




Ho Chi Minh

Ha Noi

Da Nang

Fast Track

25USD/person 25USD/person 25USD/person
VIP Fast Track 40USD/person 40USD/person


Full Package

25USD + Stamping Fee* 25USD + Stamping Fee*

25USD + Stamping Fee*

*Stamping fee: Depending on your Visa type the stamping fee will be different as bellow:

  • 1 month single entry Visa: 25USD/person
  • 3 months single entry Visa: 25USD/person
  • 3 months multiple entry Visa: 50USD/person
  • 6 months multiple entry Visa: 95USD/person
  • 1 year multiple entry Visa: 135USD/person

3. How to apply

First step: Fill the application form online which requires your full name, email address, arrival date & airport and flight number.

Second step: Settle your payment for the Fast Track service fee by credit card, banking transfer or Western Union.

Third step: Receive our confirmation email which states that our staff will wait for you at the airport as your provided flight schedule.

That’s all about our Fast Track service. In case you are looking for the Airport Car Pick Up service, please click here. 

After all, if you are ready for our Vietnam Visa On Arrival and Fast Track service, click on the bellow button to apply now!